Free the Press

Another thing we can do to support democracy and our Constitution: support independent journalism and the freedom of the press, and pay for high-quality digital news. Free press is essential to our democratic values as a nation and as a global community.

When the science is out that we (as in our planet Earth) may have a NEW CONTINENT (#Zealandia), and this does not appear in your Facebook or Twitter hashtags, and threats to independent journalism and journalists abound, then it's truly time to subscribe to your favorite news outlet and keep journalism free, professional, and informative. And I salute my friends around the world who bravely spend their lives questioning everything in search of uncovering the truth and sharing it with the world.

Some of my many favorites include The New York TimesWashington PostThe New YorkerMother JonesLos Angeles TimesThe Paris ReviewThe AtlanticScientific AmericanThe Economist, and Le Monde. (Also, Teen Vogue is killing it these days with real talk, did you know that?)

Treat yourself and buy a subscription (and they make a fantastic impromptu gift for a friend too) today. You cannot buy truth but you can do your part to uplift those who are seeking it, at all costs.