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We run workshops, classes, talks, retreats, and experiences worldwide. To design a custom experience for your company or group, please contact us. These workshops can run anywhere from a lunchtime seminar to a three or five hour experience, or a series of seminars over the course of several days.

 Here is a glimpse of the workshops and seminars we offer:

Redefining Success: Finding Your Purpose and Owning Your Story

About This Workshop

In the information age, we are bombarded with ideas about what success is supposed to look like, Yet, do you actually want to work from home, become an origami expert, lead a revolution, or perhaps take up dog walking?

In this interactive and interdisciplinary class, we will look at the metrics we traditionally use to define what we want in our jobs and in our lives. We will talk about money, status, and what success really looks like. We will talk about dream jobs and dream lives, and what that means for us.

We will look at the history and cultural meaning of success, drawing on concepts from philosophy and psychology to business and history, literature and neuroscience to mindfulness and art, sociology, and political thought. We will dive into what success might mean for you, and what gets in the way. We will flesh out what success is supposed to look like, what it really looks like, and what we want for ourselves. We will finish with actionable steps and realistic, practical tools for making this happen in your life.


  • What success really means and why it motivates us
  • Why we fear failure and how to move beyond that
  • How to define success for yourself and what that might look like
  • Actionable steps, tips, and projects to define your own success, materialize it, and live it

Prereqs & Preparation

None. All backgrounds are welcome!

Changing the World: Social Impact and Making a Difference

About This Workshop

In this workshop, we will look at ideas about making a difference in the information and tech age, innovation and solutions that change the world, and how to triumph over the obstacles to achieving them. Whether you are looking to infuse more purpose and meaning into your life, or to create and tackle a specific project to make a difference, this interactive and interdisciplinary class will give you the context, practical tools, and grand vision to truly have an impact in the world, in your way.

We will draw on ideas from such themes as history, psychology, neuroscience, art, literature, history, philosophy, economics, and technology, to unwrap our ideas about changing the world. We will look at what gets in the way, and how to move past these challenges. From finding support, to learning about others’ stories, to finding our values and purpose, we will flesh out our projects, put them into action, and plan where to go from here.


  • Why we want to change the world
  • Why we don’t, and what gets in the way
  • Ideas about how to change the world and the inspiration and opportunities all around us
  • Identification of our values, passions, and how we want to be engaged
  • Mapping out and developing your own project
  • Actionable steps to change the world and make an impact

Prereqs & Preparation

Please come prepared with an idea for at least one project, large or small, that you would like to initiate.

Storytelling: Why Your Voice Matters and How to Find Your Story


Storytelling is as old as humanity. It’s also a critical skill in today’s information landscape, and is our most powerful tool for connecting with ourselves and others. We all have a voice that deserves to be heard, and a story to tell.

In this innovative, interactive, and interdisciplinary workshop, we’ll explore themes from literature and philosophy, to mindfulness and psychology, to poetry and science, to play and creative writing. We’ll experiment with a variety of techniques and ways to tap into our innate ability to find our voice and tell our stories.

This class is open to anyone, whether you are writing a book, looking for new ways to tell your company’s story, want to innovate a new idea, roll out out a new project, are an experienced writer looking for inspiration, or just want to get more in touch with the power of your own authentic voice, creativity, and story.


  • Why stories matter
  • What gets in the way of finding and telling our story
  • How stories can change the world and make an idea go viral
  • Identification of our stories and how to tell them effectively
  • Mapping out and developing your own story
  • Actionable steps to share your stories with the world

creative mindfulness meditation


In this workshop, we'll experiment with a variety of modalities designed to spark creativity and inspiration through meditation. We'll take a playful and exploratory approach to learning about how tools like meditation and mindfulness can be powerfully transformative in our lives and work. This workshop will be tailored to your goals and group, and may consist of yoga, meditation, and creative mindfulness techniques from various schools of thought. It will be a new way of looking at mindfulness that feels fresh, approachable, fun, and very impactful for all aspects of your life. 


  • Why mindfulness is a superpower
  • What gets in the way of mindfulness
  • How meditation can help you spark creativity, new ideas, and joy
  • Techniques for exploring mindfulness and how to use them effectively
  • Mapping out and developing your own mindfulness tool kit
  • Actionable steps to be mindful and creative in the world, in your own way


Just come as you are, with pens and paper, ready to have some storytelling fun.

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