The course was a true revelation – engaging and intelligent material well presented. I came away inspired and motivated.
— T.C.
Flynn’s class on Redefining Success was both inspiring and very practical in helping me think through my personal and professional goals, priorities, and path to realizing my ambitions. I found Flynn’s teaching style to be empathic, energized, and engaging—and cultivated a learning environment focused on enabling students to learn from one another as much as they were learning from Flynn. This created a rewarding experience for everyone in the room.
— Seth Familian, Founder + Principal, Familian&1
The class was refreshing, unique and inspirational. I was with a remarkable group and Flynn showed us that we all have a story to tell, why it matters and how finding it can positively impact our lives. It was a great experience.
— Tom
Flynn Coleman has an incredible gift for distilling complex, ancient teachings and making them accessible and relevant to today’s demanding, fast-paced and often chaotic professional life.
— Adele B.
Go in with an open mind, because Flynn is great at getting people to think in a more creative way. I think that anyone can benefit from doing the exercises that we did in the group. It makes you take time to stop and think differently and it inspires creative breakthroughs.
— Sara K.
The workshop was tremendously inspiring—Flynn encouraged the group to think and talk about creativity, motivation, and productivity in new ways, and ideas were pouring out of the participants in break-out sessions and when we discussed the themes of the class with each other and posed questions to Flynn. The emphasis on incremental progress toward goals really helped us think about concrete steps we could take toward making our dream projects a reality, and the energy in the room throughout the workshop was invigorating.
— G.C.
The exercises helped to clear my thinking and reach an emotional state where I could be focused.
— Nathan H.
I would recommend this seminar as a way for people to access a different part of their minds and open themselves up to new perspectives...I would definitely do this again!
— Rachel D.
I so enjoyed being in the workshop with Flynn. It’s clear and obvious that she has a real connection to the subject matter and a true passion for sharing what she knows with participants.
— Steven Morrison
This seminar will let you hone your creative skills by seeing things from a different perspective.
— Justin P.
It helped me feel calm and fully at peace, which was a nice reprieve from other aspects of life.
— Charlotte J.
The only limitations we have are the ones we put on ourselves.
— Immanuel A.
I would really encourage them to join as it provides an environment for self-evaluation and learning from other people’s thoughts.
— Ayala P.
Do it. It will serve to help you in nearly every aspect of modern life to step back and appreciate.”
— Bennett V.
Really worth doing, not something or a way of thinking you’re likely to encounter as you go about your day.
— Heena M.
It’s the perfect place to be yourself.
— Rohini